Name of Products  Indication
Anutailam Sinusitis, Headache and Premature Graying of Hair and   Nasal-Allergic Disorders
Arimedadi tailam Neuralgia, Tooth-ache, and Mouth and Throat Diseases
Asanamanjishtadi oil Diseases of the Eyes and Ears
Asanavilwadi oil Diseases of the head, eye, ear and Catarrhal affections.
Balaguluchyadi coconut oil Rheumatoid Arthritis and Burning Sensation of the Body
Cheriya Balaguluchyadi oil Catarrhal affections, Headache and burning sensation of the limbs
Bala tailam Rheumatic Disorders like Paraplegia, Sciatica, Lumbago, Gout, Neuralgia (for external and internal use)
Baladhathryadi oil Diseases of Head especially Head-ache
Balaswagandhadi oil General massage oil
Bhringamalakadi oil Headache, Sleeplessness
Chandanadi oil Sleeplessness, Memory loss
Chemparthydi oil Skin diseases, especially of children
Dinesavalyadi tailam Scabies, Psoriasis and other Dermatological infections
Dhanwantaram  oil /kuzhumb Well known for Paralytic Disorders and also for  women in Pregnancy, as well as in post Traumatic cases
Dhurdhoorapathradi oil Dandruff
Eladi oil Eczema, Catarrhal infections and Skin Allergy
Gandharvahastadi Rheumatic diseases, as a  laxative
Hinguthrigunam Colic, Piles and constipation as laxative
Kottamchukkadi oil Acute Rheumatic Disorders
Ksheerabala tailam Rheumatic Disorders, Nervous Debility hypertension, insomnia and rheumatoid arthritis
Mahamasha tailam Paralytic and Nervous Disorders
Murivenna Very effective in cuts, wounds, fractures & dislocation
Narayana tailam Paraplegia, Sciatica
Valiya Narayana tailam Paraplegia and Sciatica
Neelibhrungadi Kera tailam Hair oil known for prevention of hair fall Dandruff and growth of hair.
Pinda Tailam Rheumatoid Arthritis
Shacharadi oil Rheumatic Diseases especially of the lower extremities, Lumbago, Varicose Veins etc
Name of Products Indication
Abhayarishtam Constipation and Piles
Amritharishtam Chronic Fevers
Ayaskriti Diabetes, Obesity and Anemia
Aravindasavam Children Diseases
Ashokaristam Female Diseases
Aswagandharistam General Debility, Epilepsy, Mania, Memory Loss
Balarishtam Rheumatic and Nervous Disorders
Chandanasavam Genito-Urinary Diseases
Dasamoolarishtam General Health Tonic for Debility, Urinary disorders, Appetite Stimulant and respiratory problems
Devadarvarishtam Diabetes and Skin Diseases
Dhanwanthararishtam Post Delivery Rheumatic Diseases
Gomoothrasavam Leucoderma, Skin Disorders and Anemia
Jeerkaarishtam Post Delivery Treatment, Sprue Chronic Diarrhea and Dyspepsia
Kanakasavam Bronchitis, Cough, Asthma and Respiratory Tract Disorders
Kutajarishtam Chronic Diarrhea with Blood, Sprue Bleeding Piles
Kumaryasavam Strength and Stamina and Pain Abdomen, Calculi, Diabetes etc
Khadirarishtam Skin Diseases
Lohasavam Anemia, Piles and Dropsy
Lodhrasavam Diabetes and Obesity
Mustharishtam Indigestion, Chronic Diarrhea and Sprue
Naleekerasavam Urinary infection, Giving Cooling and soothing effect to the Entire Body,
Partharishtam Urinary infection, Gives cooling
Pippalyasavam Anemia, Appetite, Disorders of the Spleen, Sprue, and for Strength and Stamina
Swasamrutham Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis
Saraswatharishtam Effective in Loss of Memory, improves intellectual power, as well as noted Aphrodisiac
Sudarsanarishtam Fevers and also for Spleen and Liver Diseases
Useerasavam Useful in Bleeding Disorders, Anemia and Skin Diseases
 Name of Products  Indication
Dadimadi ghrutham Anaemia, indigestion, piles, promotes fertility.
Gulguluthiktakam Arthritis, skin diseases, diabetes, fistula, tumor, specifically indicated in diseases of head.
Indukantham Rheumatic diseases in general, chronic cough, fever, weakness of the body etc. increases immunity power
Jeevanthydi yamakam Skin diseases especially for cracking of the feet and hand. (for external use only)
Kalyanakam Mania, epilepsy, anemia toxemia menstrual disorders.
Mahathikthakam All types of dermatological disorders like eczema etc
Patoladi Ghrutham Diseases of eyes, nose and ears.
Sathadhautham Burning sensation of extremities and other types of dermatological disorders caused by the derangement pf 'pitha'. (for external use)
Saraswatham Ghrutham Develops intelligence and memory.
Thikthakam Dermatological diseases
 Name of Products  Indication
Agasthya Rasayanam Cough, asthma, improves strength and stamina.
Chyavanaprasam General health tonic effective in solid cough, asthma, heart diseases, builds body will promote memory power, body strength and also useful in sexual debility.
Kalyanangulam Fistula, piles, diabetes, promotes smooth evacuation of bowels and aphrodisiac.
Koosmanda Rasayanam Consumption, bronchitis, and general debility.
Secular Rasayanam Colic, loss of appetite and genito – urinary diseases. Induce and regulates menstruation.
Vilwadi Leham Nausea, vomiting, indigestion loss of appetite.
Vyoshadi Vatakam Diseases of the nose, Asthma, cough, hiccough
 Name of Products  Indication
Amruthotharam All types of fevers like slow fever, intermittent fever, toxic fever etc. and a find laxative.
Aragwadhamruthadi Kwatham Skin diseases and acid peptic diseases.
Bala Jeerkadi Cough and asthma.
Chiruvilwadi Piles, indigestion, fistula.
Dasmoolakaduthrayam Promotes expectoration by liquefying accumulated phlegm and affords relief in cough. Also indicated in cold, asthma.
Dhanwantharam Rheumatic disorders, promotes strength and useful in post natal diseases
Drakshadi Fevers, vomiting, jaundice, weakness in general, hemoptysis.
Gulguluthikthakam Rheumatic disorders, ulcers, gout and skin diseases
Gandharvahasthadi Rheumatic complaints in general. A laxative.
Indukantham Intermittent fever, abdominal pains and gives strength.
Mahathikthakam Skin diseases like scabies, leucoderma, prutitus, psoriasis, acne and fistula.
Manjishtadi Skin diseases like acne, scrofula,boils caused by impure blood
Nayopayam Asthma cough, hiccough.
Punarnavasi Anemia with fever, dropsy, dyspepsia etc.
Sapthasaram Corrects irregular menstruation, promotes appetite, useful in abdominal pain, back pain, constipation etc.
Sahacharadi Rheumatic disorders like sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia etc.
Sukumaram Corrects the function of excretory and digestive system.
Varanadi Obesity. Useful in head-ache, internal abscess.
Vidaryadi Chronic bronchitis,  spasmodic dyspepsia, cough
Dasamoola rasnadi Aamavatha, raktha vatha with odema and pain.
Thikthakam Scabies and dermatological problems.
 Name of Products  Indication
Avipathai choornam Hyper-acidity, constipation piles, scabies and toxic conditions.
Eladi chooram Dermatological affections like scabies caused by vata kapha and toxic conditions
Hinguvachadi Appetite stimulant, indigestion, piles, low back pain abdominal pains, abdominal distension etc.
Huthabhugadi Anemia piles, indigestion
Kokilakshaka choornam Rheumatic complaints especially for gout
Nasika choornam Sinusitis and head-ache
Rasnadi choornam Catarrhal affections, typhoid and other fever, headache
Rakthachandana choornam Cures black patches on faces and gives complexion
Thaleesapathradi choornam Cough, asthma, improves digestion and helps expectoration
Thriphala choornam Ophthalmic diseases and fine laxative
 Name of Products  Indication
Chandraprabha Urino-genital disorders, diabetes
Dhanwantharam Cough, hiccough, vomiting
Hinguvachadi Abdominal pain
Manasamithara Vatakam Insanity, convulsions, epilepsy, weakness of memory etc
Swasanandam gulika Bronchitis, asthma and cough
Saraswatha mathra Memory power and intelligence
Vilwadi gulika Indigestion, insect bites and toxicity
Yogarajagulgulu Rheumatism, abdominal disorders, piles, gout
Vaygulika Instant relief of gas, asthma, cough, hiccough, hysteria, good stimulant in exhaustion, coma, faintness etc
Kaisoragugguluvatika Rheumatic complaints
Kompanchadi gulika Asthma, cough, fever and convulsions of children
Gopichandanadi gulika For children especially of fever, asthma, cough, cold, indigestion, fits etc
Gorochanadi gulika Typhoid fever, paraplegia, cough etc
Sukhabheddi gulika Laxative
Soolakutharam gulika Colic and other stomach pains

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